EUROLUX Miami Beach Body Mist Review

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Friday, February 28, 2014

EUROLUX Miami Beach Body Mist Review

This review is of another body mist for the approaching summers. This body mist is from the brand Eurolux. It’s made in India and also easily available at various online shopping sites. It’s comes in different variants. The one I am going to review is Eurolux Miami Beach Body Mist.

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What it Claims?

Spray over entire body after shower. Leaves skin softly fragranced and lightly hydrated.

Price – Rs 250/- for 250 ml.

These days the body mists are quite easily available in India. This was not the case few years ago. Rather I would say before the trend of online shopping, you could only get these body mists in big malls and not in too much variety but now  brands like Eurolux are made in India and also available easily.

This Eurolux Miami Beach Body Mist comes in a very cute looking transparent spray bottle. Its reflects a light cool blue colour with a beach effect because of coconut trees in the background, which actually makes this mist bottle look very attractive. This was one reason I choose this Miami Beach variant among all.

On application, one big problem which I face is that its spray is too hard. Sometimes I have to use both hands, one for holding the bottle and other for spraying tightly. I don’t like this thing because sometimes in hurry with one hand occupied, it’s difficult to use this body mist specially when the bottle is so heavy in the starting. Now coming to its fragrance. Its nice citrus fragrance but yes its really strong. As soon as I spray it, I don’t like it for few minutes since it goes into my nose, but after sometime it smells pleasant. So those who are looking for gentle body fragrance, this Eurolux mist is not for you but those who want to have a strong cool fragrance can definitely go for this. Overall its ok I actually like using it but only on arms and neck and not on whole body since I have sensitive skin. So go ahead try this big bottle of Eurolux Miami Beach body mist. Moreover its very reasonably priced.    


Very cute looking spray bottle.
Cool citrus fragrance.
Big bottle at reasonable price.
Easily available online.


Tight Spray.
Might not be liked by people with sensitive nose.



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