BEETROOT Health and Beauty Benefits

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Monday, February 17, 2014

BEETROOT Health and Beauty Benefits

All of us know. its always better to use natural things to get beautiful skin. These natural things such as fruits & vegetables not only add beauty to our skin but also helps in maintaining good health. Today I am going to review the beauty benefits of one such vegetable, Beetroot which is commonly associated with beautiful glowing skin.

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I always hear people telling engaged girls to drink carrot and beetroot juice for 1-3 months regularly. It is believed that if you drink this juice made of beetroot and carrot daily morning for a period of atleast one month, it will add lot of glow to your face. Not only this drinking beetroot juice also adds pinkish colour to your skin.

One can either drink Beetroot's juice or eat it directly. Beetroot is average in taste. I don't find it good or bad, its just ok. But if you dont like its taste, you can simply drink it juice mixed with carrot and tomato. This mixture actually tastes good and is one of the best health drinks.

Beetroot is not only good for skin but also loaded with lot of vitamins like Vitamin C, Calcium, Phosphorus and Iron, thus also good for you body. So add this vegetable in your diet in anyway you like and enjoy its health and beauty benefits.

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