ADS Power Lasting Transparent Nail Paint Review

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Monday, February 24, 2014

ADS Power Lasting Transparent Nail Paint Review

Nail Paints are quite popular among girls, we use to apply these very frequently and even change them with dresses and occasions. But the only thing which concerns us is that nail paints don’t last longer. Normally good brands nail polish stay on nails for quite sufficient time but sometimes they take off easily specially when we use more water or the quality of the nail paints is not up to the mark, thus make nails look chapped and appear too bad. For this problem this is the solution, which not only makes nail polish last longer but also adds shines to your nails, this is ADS Power Lasting.

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This ADS Power Lasting Formulated in France C/262 comes in transparent bottle like usual nail paints. The texture of the nail paint is pretty thick and greasy with absolute transparent colour.

I have applied this transparent nail paint on my nails with and without nail polish on my hands. Whenever I use this after applying my nail paint, they actually last longer almost double sometimes little less than that if used too much water but still a noticeable difference is seen. Not only this it also adds nice glossy shine to my nail paints.


I even use this alone on my hands as a transparent nail paint. It adds shine to my nails and makes them look soft and shiny.Above are the pictures before and after applying this. I actually like using it this way very much. Overall I like this ADS Power Lasting transparent nail paint lotion and use this above my nail polish, but only thing you need to take care is that you need to apply this very carefully above nail polish since its thick and little sticky, so might mess I not applied with care.

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