GILLETTE VENUS Razor for Women Review

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

GILLETTE VENUS Razor for Women Review

Today I am going to review a razor specially meant for women. Its Gillette Venus Women’s Razor. I normally don’t prefer using razors at all since there are too many issues related with it like hair growth becomes faster, hair become rough and hard etc etc. but still I wanted something as an immediate rescue for sudden party times and this is why I bought this Gillette Venus Razor for Women.

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What it Claims?

Venus razors are designed just for women. They’ve got handles that make it easy to reach hard-to-shave spots.

Rounded, pivoting heads that hug every curve. Even soft, protective cushions that help prevent nicks and cuts. These razors let women enjoy the confidence that comes from having smooth, touchable skin.

Price – Rs 299/-


This Gillette Razor for Women definitely appears to be really feminine with all those curves. The blade even gets twisted on simply pressing softly.

I used it on my armpits and half legs. Without a doubt it did it job very nicely and very easily. I got nicely clean armpits in about 2 minutes and about 8 -10 minutes for both legs. In case of armpits they were not that clean like we get after wax but yes in case of legs the result was as smooth as waxing. So yes I was very happy with its results and definitely started using this Gillette Venus Razor whenever I had time issues.
What more? It was really easy to clean this razor, since the blade part of this is easily detachable.

 But yes one of the problems which I faced after using this Gillette women razor was lot of itching for a day or two which later lead to little bit of rashes. Well let me clear here I normally face this problem with waxing also, since my skin is sensitive. But I reduce it by applying ice on it.

So overall I am very happy with the razor and would definitely be using it on emergencies but not otherwise because we all know its not good to use razors on frequent basis. Well it’s also a matter of personnel preference.


Very quickly removes hair
No mess like in waxing or cream.
Saves lot of time.
Very travel friendly.
Very soft on skin
Extremely useful in emergencies.


Little expensive in form of a Razor, though can be used number of times.
Little itching post hair removal.

Rating – 4/5

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