DERMI COOL Prickly Heat Powder Review – Melon Splash

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

DERMI COOL Prickly Heat Powder Review – Melon Splash

Today I am going to review another prickly heat powder after Hula Hula one and Boroplus prickly heat powder. Its Dermi Cool prickly heat powder. I have seen too many ads of it and since this brand had too many variants and flavors, I opted to try this.

What it Claims ?

Dermicool Melon Splash, Prickly Heat Powder, for effective treatment of prickly heat and long lasting cooling relief from accompanied stinging, burning and itching of skin.

How to Use?

 Sprinkle over the affected area for relief from prickly heat, heat rash and burning sensation. Its unique property of “long lasting cooling freshness” gives quick and enduring relief from the stinging, burning and itching caused due to prickly heat. The bacteriostatic and antiseptic formula controls bacterial growth and infection.

Price – Rs 69/- for 150g.


This Dermicool prickly heat powder is available in many different variants, some of them as given below.

Regular form
Melon Splash

I bought the one named as Melon Splash since I just love Melon. Well the bottle looked quite good in red and white color with stylish description on it.

On applying on damp skin after bath, it gives a nice cooling sensation and a soothing effect. Regarding prickly heat I would say yes it works. I saw reduced bumps and zits at my back after using it regularly for few days but since its not that hot now a days, I didn’t have that much acne like I had in extreme summers in which Hula Hula came as a rescue. Though I was quite satisfied with its effect on skin but didn’t like its fragrance at all. In fact some people passed a comment like are you eating some weird chewing gum or so. So in case of melon fragrance I didn’t like it.

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Overall I would say I would love to use Dermi Cool prickly heat powder again but this time in some other fragrance and variant.


Easily available.
Comes in lot of variants and fragrances.
Gives cooling and soothing sensation.
Reduce back acne on regular use.


Might not be too effective in extreme prickly heat condition but one can definitely go for a try.
Melon fragrance not liked by me, though it’s a personnel choice.

RATING – 3/5    

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