Tips to prevent pimples after waxing.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tips to prevent pimples after waxing.

Getting pimples, small acne, zits after getting arms or legs waxed is a very common problem, specially for people with sensitive skin and I am one of those. So here I give few solutions to avoid these after wax pimples or atleast reduce them to some extent.

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Firstly make sure to get waxing done from a good parlor or saloon since hygiene conditions and the way of doing wax play a lot of role in all this. Pimples usually appear on the upper part of the arms and thus following things should be applied mainly focusing on the problematic area immediately after wax to avoid such acne or zits.

Ø      Rubbing 2- 3 cubes of ice on the problematic area immediately after wax reduces the chance of getting pimples to a great extent.
Ø      Applying cold water on the area after wax provides cooling and thus reduces the chance of zits.
Ø      One should apply pure Aloe Vera gel to avoid these pimples.
Ø      After wax lotion available in the market also helps a lot in soothing the skin condition and thus reducing after wax acne.
Ø      Applying chilled rose water also helps a lot.

If you also suffer from these after wax pimple problem, then do give these remedies a try and let me know if these work or not.
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