Boroplus Ice Prickly Heat Cool Powder Review

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Boroplus Ice Prickly Heat Cool Powder Review

Again a prickly heat powder. I know you would be surprised to see another post on a prickly heat powder at makeup reviews hall that too so soon. But can’t help. Since I tried quite a few prickly heat powders this summer and decided to review best out of two – one Hula Hula already reviewed and this is the second one – Boroplus Healthy Skin Ice Prickly Heat Powder.

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What it Claims?

Boroplus Ice Prickly Heat Powder, enriched with active herbo minerals provides instant relief from prickly heat and rashes, by absorbing excess sweat to keep your skin healthy. Its icy cool sensation keeps you vibrantly cool and fresh even during the hottest summer.

No Sweat
No Itch
No Rashes

Revolutionary ’Boroplus prickly heat powder’ provides immediate respite from the harsh heat. Its Icy effect offers relief and cure from prickly heat, itching & rashes giving a soothing cool relief. 

Price – Rs 65/- for 150g.


I don’t use prickly heat powders so frequently, but this time I really had severe back acne, I felt lot of heat almost unbearable so started using prickly heat powders and now I am addicted to these atleast in summers. I started using Hula Hula prickly heat powder in the beginning of summers and liked it very much but then tried few other versions due to non availability of Hula Hula Powder so easily. I use to see Boroplus powder at dressing table of many people so thought of giving it a try.

This Boroplus prickly heat powder somes in somewhat cute simple looking bottle. Has a small twist button to open and close the opening at top. The movement of this twist button is quite manageable and easy to handle. The powder is white in color similar to other powders and has quite good fragrance which I don’t really find so easily in prickly heat powders.

Now coming to its icy cool effect and how good it is in reducing back acne. Well firstly what I have felt is that none of the powder gives icy cool effect unless used on damp skin. Same happened in the case of Hula Hula Powder. I use it on dry skin and got disappointed but was very pleased with its effect when used immediately after bath on towel dried skin. When I used this Boroplus Prickly Heat Powder after bath, I could feel the ice effect but not as good as what I felt with Hula Hula. Also this keeps back acne at bay on regular use, but does not work on reducing them so efficiently and quickly like Hula Hula does.

However, there are few points in which Boroplus is better than Hula Hula. Like Boroplus ‘s Fragrance is better than Hula Hula. Its twist button helps in controlling the outflow quantity, then Boroplus is easily available in India and lastly it is very cheap, almost half the price of Hula Hula.

So each powder has its own points, choose as per your need. If you suffer from lot of back acne and stay at a place where summers are really hot go for Hula Hula one, but if you have mild back acne and just want some refreshing soothing pleasant icy effect, go for Boroplus Ice Prickly Heat Powder undoubtedly.


Keeps back acne at bay on regular use.
Nice fragrance.
Gives icy cool effect after bath.
Easily available.


Does not reduce lot of acne in less time.
Gives normal icy cool effect.

Rating – 3.5/5

  1. Nice post. Even though these are products we notice very little, but these act as saviours in ememrgency!

  2. This product's Container security is very bad because they put sticker seal only instead of seal cracking so sellers i mean shop workers giving used powder container so i am very disappointed otherwise powder quality is very​ super and excellent.


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