AVIANCE SPF 15 Moistusizing Sunscreen Review

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

AVIANCE SPF 15 Moistusizing Sunscreen Review

I am a very big of fan of Aviance products. Know why? Because most of its products suit me extremely well. I have quite sensitive acne prone skin, so I am limited to few products because  they cause me itching, acne, dryness etc. but Aviance products have not only suited me but also worked very well in enhancing my skin texture. Like I love its Aviance oil free moisturizer with vitamin E. it’s my favorite moisturizer ever. It makes my skin soft supple and also keep acne at bay. Then I tried one of their shampoos for shiny hair, which again showed the results very nicely. And this time it’s the time I tried their Aviance Oil free Sunscreen.

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What it Claims?

Aviance SPF 15 sunscreen with moisturisers & vitamins E & A, protects upto 5 hours
Protection from harmful UVA (ageing) & UVB (burning) rays.

Price – I don’t remember exactly but somewhat around Rs 450/- for 100ml.


One of the most important reasons to go behind this Aviance brand is that they have a wonderful range of oil free products. It was about few years back, when I was searching for a good oil free moisturizer for my oily acne skin, I found this Aviance brand and since then I have a been a regular user of its products.

This Aviance SPF 15 Moisturising sunscreen comes in a very nice, very handy, very travel friendly, attractive round cute bottle like most of Aviance products. Also it has a pump at top, which makes it super convenient, hygienic and even travel friendly to use. Only one con, that transparent cap over pump comes out easily if left the bottle in purse.

Now the sunscreen is absolute white in color. It appears to be very smooth but little greasy in texture. When I applied it on my face, it really made my face look shiny and greasy with a white caste all over which I didn’t like at all. I rubbed it all over nicely, but whiteness was still there which made the face looked very artificial, so I didn’t like it at first. However few minutes later, the whiteness almost disappeared but little greasiness was still there.

I used this sunscreen everyday for quite few days and found that it’s actually a light form of sunscreen. It will give you protection from sun but on normal hot days. For areas with extreme summers like Jaipur, one cannot rely on this. Because I remember I used this in Goa, when I was out in sun for whole day, my skin developed lot of tan. Although in that case I was very careless and used it only once in morning, which was my fault because one should reapply sunscreen after every 4 hrs.
 So overall this is an average sunscreen for heavy summers but very good for light summers and specially winters when we want less sunscreen and more nourishment. It’s good for people with almost all skin types. It did not even break me out, so keeps acne in control too. I find Aviance products to be outstanding, but this worked average for me.


Light, not that heavy as other sunscreens.
Provides protection from sun in summers.
Does not cause acne.
Comes in very user friendly, attractive cute bottle.


Makes face little greasy with white cast for few minutes.
Not too effective for heavy summers.
Difficult to get offline and online.

Rating – 3/5


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