Dr. Morepen Papaya Skin Whitening Face Wash Review

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dr. Morepen Papaya Skin Whitening Face Wash Review

I know most of you would not have heard the name of this face wash. Same was the case with me. But I saw this face wash at a medical store and was tempted to buy it because of many words like whitening, Papaya and also Licorice extracts which is known to give fair skin. Moreover on top of this was written dermatologically tested, so definitely wanted to try this whitening face wash and thus bought it.

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What it Claims?


Apply on wet face. Gently massage in circular motion with fingertips avoiding the eye contour.  Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Use twice daily.

With Papaya Cubes, for all skin types

Price – Rs 50/- for 60g.


The face wash comes in a simple white yellow colored tube with a flip at top. The face wash is more of gel type and is light yellow in color with a little strong papaya fragrance.

Now on using this face wash, I felt it does not lather at all. I take sufficient amount of it then it lathers little bit and not much. On using it, I don’t even feel my face to be properly clean on using it. Only few traces of oil dirt are removed superficially and no deep cleaning.  So not really satisfied with its cleaning part.

Now coming to the most important feature, whitening properties of this face wash as claimed. I have heard a lot about licorice extract which actually gives fair skin but in this case, I actually didn’t feel any difference. May be it would have worked slight a bit but so less that it’s not even noticeable.

So all in all, I am just not happy with the results of this Papaya Whitening Face wash. It does not clean face properly neither gives fair skin. But yes this face wash can be good for sensitive skin because it’s so gentle to use and I hardly feel any harsh chemicals in it, so sensitive skin people must give it a try   


Very gentle
Might suit sensitive skin.


Does not give squeaky clean skin.
No whitening or fairness effect as claimed.
Difficult to find.

Rating - 2/5

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