Khadi Herbal Lemon Hair Cleanser Review

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Khadi Herbal Lemon Hair Cleanser Review

Ayurvedic Shampoo (Anti Dandruff)

This post is about a herbal anti dandruff shampoo - Khadi Herbals Lemon Cleanser. Winters have just started & already I am struggling with my dandruff. I have so sensitive skin, hair that they react to changes so easily (unfortunately negatively not positively). To fight with dandruff, I am also using medicated shampoos but since they are too strong, one cannot use them on regular basis, so I am using this Khadi herbal ayurvedic shampoo on regular basis.

What it Claims?

Lemon Hair Cleanser contains beneficial herbs like Nimbu, Amla, Shikakai etc which are beneficial for removing dandruff from the scalp skin without any side effect & prevent from the hair problems. It removes all types of duct from the hair without stripping off natural oils.

Price – Rs 99/- for 210ml.


This Khadi herbals lemon shampoo comes in a simple transparent bottle ( though more that half wrapped from all over)  with a flip top, thus simple easy to use.

The shampoo looks like a gel with very light yellow color effect. Fragrance too is very light & gentle. On application also, one could easily feel that the shampoo is very gentle. Little more amount is required than normal to lather nicely thus giving nicely cleaned hair yes good but does not help too much in getting rid of dandruff. I have used this shampoo many times in winters but still my dandruff prevails. Though my dandruff has definitely reduced but not too much help.

So overall a very gentle shampoo, will definitely work in giving you clean hair with little shine because of lemon but wont help in getting rid of dandruff.


Nice bottle with a flip top.
Herbal shampoo.
Cleanses hair nicely.
Gentle in use.
Contains Lemon to provide little shine.
Easily available.


Does not work too much in getting rid of dandruff.

Rating 3/5
(only because of its name anti dandruff, in which it didn’t really work otherwise a good gentle shampoo to clean hair nicely).

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  1. We can only call a product natural if there are no chemicals included in the product itself. One good example of an Ayuverdic product is this tulsi. It is packed as is and no chemicals mixed in it. I hope you understand what is the meaning of natural? Thanks for reading this one.


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