PATANJALI Honey Review – With Litchi

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

PATANJALI Honey Review – With Litchi

Very Good Evening to all. This post is about a product which makes you beautiful not just from outside but inside too- Honey-A Wonderful Ayurvedic Product. The Brand I am going to review is Baba Ramdev ‘s Patanjali Honey. I love most of Patanjali product so wanted to try its honey too.I have used it in plain honey flavor but this one is the Litchi flavor, which is recently launched at Patanjali outlets.

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What it Claims?

Useful in cough & cold, Mild laxative, antiseptic & nutritive tonic.

Price – Rs 120 for 500 gm.


Honey is wonder product known since ancient times to give beautiful soft skin when applied topically. Not only this it’s also found helpful in loosing weight when taken internally. Thus this solves dual purpose of beautiful skin & body when you take it with warm water mixed with lemon juice empty stomach in the morning.

To experience the actual benefits of honey, its very important that its pure. Me too wanted to buy pure honey & since I was quite happy with its original honey flavor, I thought of buying this again but in different flavor, i.e. Litchi. Though I was looking for a completely organic Honey but since we don’t have lot of options in India, I bought Patanjali.

This Divya Patanjali Honey comes in a simple transparent glass jar, which not only makes it difficult to use but also creates a mess if any drop is left on the jar while taking out the honey.

Regarding its purity, I don’t have any complete proof or evidence but for my satisfaction, I did a simple test to check its purity. I placed few drops of honey in a glass of water & they didn't melt, did not get absorbed into water immediately rather settled in a form of separate layer on top of water thus confirming its purity to some extent at least. Rest to know how effective it really is in loosing weight & giving beautiful skin, I have to use it regularly for some days.

Regarding its taste its normal like any other honey with little tinge of Litchi in it. 


From Baba Ramdev brand – Patanjali.
Has flavor of Litchi with Honey.
Less price compared to other brands.
Good in taste.


Comes in simple plastic jar- a mess to use.
Available only at Patanjali outlets.

Rating – 3 / 5.

Disclaimer – This product is to be consumed internally, so please confirm its purity at your own before using this. Site owner or author is not responsible for any risk factors if associated with it.

  1. It appears to be concentrated litchi juice and a small amount of honey mixed. Try to see if it burns and you will come to know if it is genuine. Genuine 100% honey is not so cheap and it burns.

  2. Patanjli Honey is bad product, i got this item and used after two weeks i got feel that there is Hardness like sugar and bed smell in this product. I have to throw it in dustbin....

    1. Absolutely....It smell bad...It is not 100% pure as they advertised...

  3. Patanjali honey is a terrible product. Worst one could ever expect. It is just a concentrated form of glucose i.e common sugar.

  4. I brought 80ml honey for 250 INR from my native place where honey is removed from trees in pure form so pure honey cannot be so cheaper

  5. I have trusted a lot to all Patanjali products. But Patanjali honey is not pure already. Because they export honey to other country and their production is not enough for all so they mix honey with water amd some other things. Before it was a great honey. Now its fake. Dabar honey is much better then Patanjali

  6. i wanted to take Pantanjali Honey but after reading all this feedback i will go for Dabar Honey


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