Mrs Marino Hair Softener Review

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Mrs Marino Hair Softener Review

Today I am going to review a hair conditioner which I don’t think is very popular. Infact I don’t even know how easily is it available but since I like it I thought of sharing with you all. Its Mrs. Marino Hair Softener. I bought this Softener long ago & have used it many times, still its left some in the tube

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What It Claims?

Beautiful hair bounces with life and yearns to be touched, caressed and played with. Mrs. Marino Hair Softener gives your fine hair extra bounce and volume and makes sure your hair looks the way you want it to – thick, lively, soft and beautiful like never before.
 So don’t be surprised if the pillow seems softer as you sleep, or if someone reaches out to touch your hair as you pass by.
After all, everybody will simply love your hair when it’s glossed over with life.

Price – Rs 95/- for 100ml


This Mrs. Marino Hair Softener comes in a very travel friendly tube, also making it hygienic to use.

The conditioner is light pink in color & has the perfect consistency. On application, it’s extremely smooth. Infact I feel it’s one of the smoothest creamiest conditioner from my lot. I take pea size of it & spread it on my hair & leave for 2 min then rinse. Normally my hair are very tangled difficult to manage but after using this Mrs. Marino, they feel like silk instantly. Though this effect does not last for too long meaning the results are just temporary. Every time I use this softener my hair feel smooth but after that again rough & tangled.

One of the best things about this conditioner is amazing fragrance. I love the fragrance a lot because of which I sometimes use this conditioner as a leave on. I know it’s harmful but cant help.

Overall I like this conditioner at least whenever I need to change my rough tangled hair into smooth even for temporary period.


Makes hair smooth.
Manages tangled hair temporarily for some time.
Amazing fragrance.
Convenient, travel friendly, hygienic tube.


Softens hair only for temporary period.
Chemical list is little long
Very difficult to find, both offline & online.

Rating - 3.5/5

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