VEDIC LINE SensiTone Face Wash for Sensitive Skin Review

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Monday, September 3, 2012

VEDIC LINE SensiTone Face Wash for Sensitive Skin Review

 Face Wash For Sensitive Skin- Non irritating, soft & smooth on skin.

Very good morning to all specially people with sensitive skin, since this post is specially for them. I am going to review a herbal face wash which is paraben free & specifically made for sensitive skin i.e Vedic Line SensiTone Face Wash for Sensitive Skin.

What it Claims?

Price -  Rs 150/- for 100ml.


People with sensitive skin always have to be careful while choosing products for themselves. They are always worried that whether the product would be benefical for them, would do any good to their skin, but more than this, they are concerned about its suitability to their skin. Yes this is the main requirement for sensitive skin people that atleast the product should not cause any adverse reactions to their skin, atleast if not doing any good. I being a person with similar skin type, understand this very well, therefore grabbed this Vedic Line face wash  immediately on seeing that’s its specifically claims to be for Sensitive Skin.

The face wash comes in a nice blue colored tube with a flip top making it very hygienic to use.  Though I don’t think I could carry it with me, because after using it I saw some greasiness around it even after 30mins, so don’t want to make a mess in my bag.

The texture of this Vedic Line Face Wash is almost like that of gel & its absolute transparent with normal consistency, little more on the liquid side. Take a look at the picture below with face wash at the top of my middle finger.

While using this face wash, I felt that it did not cleaned my extremely tired skin completely at once, may be its so gentle, so I had to take little more, since I didn’t feel like anything on my skin. I took little more..very little & again rubbed it gently on skin & at this time my face appeared absolutely clean after using this. It didn’t give me any sort of Redness or itching which I get with some of the face wash.

Overall I am happy with this face wash. Its paraben Free, non irritating, Dermatologically tested, specially for sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin are going to like it. Only think I am doubtful is its list including ingredients  like SLES which I don’t think are too safe for Sensitive Skin in long use. But yes its good that it contains SLES not SLS, since SLES are more safe & less harmful in comparision to SLS. I wont say it’s the best face wash for sensitive skin, but definitely a good choice over other face washes which contains harsh chemicals.


Good for senstive Skin as claimed.
Does not irritate or cause itching on sensitive skin.
Did not cause acne or pimples.
Paraben free.
Comes in nice hygienic tube packing.
Easily available.


Little expensive.
Ingredients list including SLES, though let me clear here that SLES is less harmful that SLS, & SLES cause less irritation than SLS.

RATING- 3.5/5

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