Valinta Lemon Face Wash Review

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Valinta Lemon Face Wash Review

I bought this VALINTA face wash from a beauty saloon , I went to. I saw many products there of Valinta & other brands and even bought few of them , one of them being Valinta Lemon Face Wash , which I am going to review here.


Valinta Lemon Cleansing Face Wash is Specially Formulatded soap free gently Cleanser. Granules Remove Polluted dead Skins. Lemon Extract gentle Deep Cleanses Your Skins & Chamomile Soothes. Moisturizes & Rejuvenates your Skins.

Valinta Deep Ceansing Face Is A Specially Formulated Soap Free Gentle Cleanser.

Soap Free Gentle Cleanser
Removes Pollutants & Dead Skinn Cells
Deep Cleansing
Soothes, moisturizes and rejuvenates skin

PRICE – Rs 45/- for 70g.


Though , I never heard of this brand Valinta before , but when I saw its products at a Saloon , I was attracted to buy it , since these contained few natural ingredients & were very affordable.Along with Lemon, this face wash also contains Glycerine & Aloe vera.

The packaging of this Lemon face Wash is simple like any other face wash yet attractive because of its yellow color , symbolizing Lemon.

The face wash contains micro granules , which could be easily felt while cleansing the face.The granules are gentle & cleanse face nicely without being rough.

After 5-10 mins of using the face wash , I felt some kind of itching on my skin.My skin is prone to itching at times since its sensitive , but this time it got dry after using this face wash , so itching occurred. However, the itching diasppered after 15-20 min , and my face looked good.

Overall this Valinta Lemon Face Wash is a good face wash for people with oily acne skin, since lemon will reduce the oil.Also it might help in lightening of skin, because of Lemon in it.But people with dry skin , might not like it , since it might make skin more dry.


Contains Lemon which lightens skin
Reduces oil , so good for oily skin.


Not available easily
Makes skin dry for sometime
Contains Paraben.

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