NIVEA-Whitening Roll on Deodorant Fairer Underarms Review

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

NIVEA-Whitening Roll on Deodorant Fairer Underarms Review

Nivea Extra Whitening Antiperspirant Deodorant for Fairer Underarms.

NIVEA Whitening Antiperspirant Deodorant in a roll on form made its way to my skin care box when I was in search of a gentle deodorant to get rid of dark underarms & came across this Extra Whitening Armpits Roll On for Women.  I have seen many people who have really dark armpits, sometimes the case is so extreme that they never ever raise their hand whatever the requirement is just because of the embarrassment their armpits would cause. I even saw one advertisement from DOVE of  DOVE WHITENING DEODORANT, which again focused on this similar problem of women and the embarrassment they deal with it. I do not have really extreme dark armpits but slightly dark because I used razor on them for long. I tried lot of methods, home remedies and treatment to make dark underarms whiter but nothing worked so finally was in search of a whitening stick or roll on to reduce the darkening effect. Though I could not hold my hand on the Dove one yet,  but saw this NIVEA Antiperspirant Deodorant in one of the shopping malls and instantly bought this on seeing its claims. I have been using it for more than few months. Read the review below to know if its one of the BEST DEODORANT to whiten DARK UNDERARMS.

Nivea Whitening Antiperspirant Deodorant Review
Nivea Whitening Antiperspirant Deodorant Review
What NIVEA Extra Whitening Antiperspirant Deodorant Claims?
Years of waxing, shaving and using hair removal creams harm a woman’s underarm skin, making it look dark and patchy. Nivea has introduced a new whitening roll-on deodorant that cares for your underarms and makes it fairer. It contains unique licorice extracts and witch hazel that repairs damaged skin deep within to reveal a visibly fairer underarm along with a feminine long lasting fragrance.
Go Sleeveless with fairer, whiter underarms and a feminine, floral fragrance that lasts all day long!
This Roll-On lightens your skin to reveal visibly fairer and smoother underarms. Its natural ingredients, Licorice extracts and Witch Hazel, reduce melanin production and soothe skin irritations to reveal fairer, whiter underarms.
So from now on, there’ll be nothing holding you back from wearing your favourite sleeveless dress anymore!

INGREDIENTS : Aqua Aluminium Clorohydrate, Stearyl Ether, Glabera Extract, Persea Gratessima Oil, Panthenol, Butylene Glycol, Parfum.

How to Use:
Apply on each armpit leaving for a minute to dry.

- Rs 156/- for 50ml.

VARIANTS : Its comes in both roll on and spray form in following variants.

Floral Touch
Fairness for your Underarms. Whitening Deodorant repairs your skin to give you fairer underarms. Lightens your skin to reveal visibly fairer and smoother underarms. Its natural ingredients, Licorice extracts and Witch Hazel, reduce melanin production and soothe skin irritations to reveal fairer, whiter underarms.

Fruity touch
Its natural ingredients, Licorice extracts and Vitamin C, reduce melanin production and soothe skin irritations to reveal fairer, whiter underarms.

Smooth Skin.
It contains Licorice extracts that reduce melanin production and Avocado Oil that smoothens your skin and repairs damage, to reveal fairer, whiter underarms.

Nivea Whitening Antiperspirant Deodorant Review
Nivea Whitening Antiperspirant Deodorant Review

Whitening Sensitive Deodorant
Soft refreshing fragrance that soothes your senses, providing you long-lasting protection
NIVEA Whitening Sensitive Deodorant is specifically designed to care for your underarms. It contains licorice extracts that reduce the production of melanin and repair your skin to give you even-toned underarms. Plus, its ultra-light formula contains 0% alcohol, which doesn’t irritate your skin.

Nivea Antiperspirant Whitening Roll On Review

This Nivea Whitening Deodorant comes in a roll on form, though its also available in spray form , but I preferred this in roll on  since they are much gentle and even safe for the sensitive skin like mine. I am a person with sensitive skin and thats why I always try to avoid skin products which claim to give whitening effect, whether its whitening skin cream or fairness face cream since I feel that these products are loaded with too many chemicals and could harm my sensitive skin being harsh on it. But trusting this brand and its other products like its  Antiperspirant Lemongrass Deodorant I have used, I decided to give this whitening roll on a try. The bottle is just like other roll ons , but it manages to look pretty being transparent. The smell of the deodorant is pretty nice. I just love the smell & could somehow relate it to the original Nivea cream smell, which I like very much.

Nivea Whitening Deodorant Fairer Underarms Review
Nivea Whitening Antiperspirant Roll On Review
Now coming to its effect. Regarding how long lasting the deodarant is ? I must say this roll on beats most of the other deodorant in this aspect. It does stays for long  atleast 8-10 hrs easily , sometimes even more than that , but yes the claims of 48 hrs is just not the case. This something beyond imagination and we definitely do not expect it to last more than a day. Regarding its whitening effect, well I am not really satisfied in this aspect, because I already have very lightly dark underarms & even on using this fairer underarms roll on for about 3-4 months, I could see very negligible difference. Infact the difference is just not noticeable, its something in my mind that I am applying licorice (one of the ingredients in this roll on) on my armpits daily since few months so it will definitely turn them white from dark. Its just an expectation in my mind otherwise I haven't seen any difference in color of my armpits.

Overall , I would say this Nivea roll on is good for people who want longer protection from odor since this does its job from protecting from odor very well. I have tried so many roll ons, sticks, deos but none have prevented from odor for so long like this one so  this is one of the BEST DEODORANT FOR WOMEN, when it comes to odor protection but this might not work as a whitening deodorant for people with extremely dark underarms. I will keep this for long lasting protection but definitely try the one from Dove for dark armpits and share its review soon.

Gives long protection from odor.
Nice smell
Cute transparent bottle.
Safe on sensitive skin.
Genlte and mild.
Easily available.
Reasonably priced , single bottle will go for long.
Available in many variants in both roll on and spray form.
Easy to use and travel friendly.


Whitens underarms negligibly
Sometimes leaves white cast.

RATING - 3/5 ( because of it name whitening deodorant & did not satisfy me in whitening aspect, otherwise Its one of the best deodorant for longer protection from odor.)

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    1. Thanx, checked your blog, its really stylish like the name says.

  2. thanks for reviews dey r really good

  3. My suggestion to all please dont buy Nivea whitening deo, this is the worst product I have ever used . TV Ads cannot influence people . It shigh time nivea should bring a change .

  4. i have seen some blogs that antiperspirant rolls cause breast cancer .i was confused whether to use roll on or not..?
    can u plz suggest me?
    my skin is too sensitive i used toi get burning sensation when i was using deodorants so i switched to roll on after reading about the side effects i was scared and confused..?

  5. I was using Nivea Roll On, it was such a useless product that I had never seen . Then I Came across Qraa Underarm Whitening Cream . It is actually working and I am happy with its effects

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