MODICARE Oil Free Moisturizer Review-For Oily Acne Prone Skin

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Friday, August 31, 2012

MODICARE Oil Free Moisturizer Review-For Oily Acne Prone Skin

 Good Evening to all. In this post I am going to review one of the best oil free moisturizer for people with oily skin prone to acne & pimples. Its Modicare Essensual 20 Oil Free Moisturizer. I have been using this moisturizer since long time when my skin was full of pimples & at that time this Modicare moisturizer & Tea Tree Oil Toner came to me as a rescue.

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A non oily hydrating lotion fortified with micro sponges and moisturizing agents to make skin soft and supple while absorbing excess sebum secretion.

PRICE – Rs 270 for 100ml.


As I have already said, I have a very unique & odd skin. Its sometimes very oily, sometimes dry & mostly 1-2 small pimples or zits are there here & there. So I find it very difficult to find a good moisturizer which not oily moisturizes my skin, but also controls my acne or atleast not increase them. This was recommended to me by a beautician to be used along with the toner.

This moisturizer comes in nice sturdy plastic bottle with a flip top, which thus makes its very hygienic & travel friendly.

The smell of this oil free moisturizer is very gentle & soothing, which I really like. The consistency is just perfect, not too liquid or thick.

On application, the moisturizer glides effortlessly on skin. My skin feels moisturized & hydrated immediately. Not only that, I even feel some kind of glow on using this lotion. I was very regular with this moisturizer & toner, when my skin was full with acne & after about 1-2 weeks, I started my skin looking clearer day by day. I think reducing pimples was more because of toner, but this lotion worked in atleast controlling acne, by soothing them & not making them worse.

Overall, I am very happy with this Modicare moisturizer. Its one of the best oil free moisturizer for oily acne prone skin. The only problem with this lotion is that, its not easily available. I think its avaible online now days, but that too at its own site only. I am not really sure about it. Also its little expensive & does not fits in budget sometimes. Otherwise, I just love it.


Definitely an oil free moisturizer as claimed.
Hydrates & moisturizes skin.
Does not cause acne, rather controls them
Soothes already present acne & pimples.
Very gentle fragrance.
Perfect moisturizer for oily acne prone skin.
Nice travel friendly, hygienic to use bottle.

Not easily available.
Little expensive.

RATING- 4.5/5

  1. Nice Review will give a try as my skin also like your's :)

    1. Thanx Radha, & u shud def try this as its one of my best moisturizer.

  2. Wow, I am already in love with this, thanx 4 sharing ))

  3. Simply awesome review Prerna, this product appears to be beneficial


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