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Thursday, August 9, 2012


EVA - Mini Deo Spray Review

Hello friends , I was looking for a small travel friendly deodorant , so just bought few mini deo sprays from EVA.These EVA Deodorant come in different variants-Fresh . GLee , Pop etc & since these were really cheap . so I bought these 3, moreover I prefer Deodorants over perfumes for daily use.Check out review below

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Get refreshed anywhere anytime with mini deo. It's compact mini deo that fits your purse or your pocket with ease. A must have if you are someone on the go.EVA deo special moisturizing formulation nourishes your skin to keep it soft and smooth.

It is alcohol free ,which means it is extra gentle on your skin. TRICLOSAN in EVA deo effectively combats body odour and gives you the confidence to remain active, throughout the day.

So, live life to the fullest an enjoy all that the day has to offer EVA fresh will pep you up for the day ahead with a refreshing smile on your face.

PRICE - Rs 30/- for 8ml.


I use perfumes only on some days but use deodorants on daily basis , like any other girl  & always keep one in my purse , for making me smell good all the time.However I always wanted a small pocket size deo , which I could keep in my jeans pocket , since I dont carry purse always. So when I saw these 8ml EVA MINI DEO SPRAY , I got very happy , & just bought them.

These EVA mini deodorants are cute to look at. They are colorful , easy to handly & comes like regular spray within.

I bought these EVA Mini Deo's in 3 variants - Fresh , Pop & GLee. Now let me tell you one by one about its fragrance & other features.


The smell of this Deo is good. Its somewhat resembles me to the hand creams & lotions available in the market.Its little strong but I like it.I would say its average in case of Fragrance.


The bottle of this Pop deo is very cute in pink & appears to be very girlish. Same is the case with the fragrance , it feels like those feminine spray & perfume to me. I would say that most of the girls would like this fragrance.

EVA DEO - Glee

I did not like the bottle of this Glee Deo , too much in looks but in case of Fragrance , Its my favorite. I just love this fragrance.Its so royal & gives me superior feeling whenever I smell it. Some times , I feel its little citrus , but whatever , I just love it & will be buying this in big size.

Overall , I woulld say , these Eva Mini Deo's are very good to for. These are cute looking , travel friendly- these best thing , cheap & skin friendly too , since these are free of alcohol.However  they dont protect you from odour from long, which is the most important role of a Deodorant.


Nice fragrances
Travel friendly mini bottle
Easy to carry & use.
Alcohol free.


Does not protect from odour for long.
I really doubt if these mini deo's are available easily.

RATING- 3.5/5

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