Best Home Remedy for Dark Circles Under Eyes-Causes & Treatment

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Best Home Remedy for Dark Circles Under Eyes-Causes & Treatment

Dark Circles Natural Treatment – Cure & Causes.

Hello everyone, Today I am going to share few home remedies on a very common problem faced by almost all people, of all ages, i.e Dark Circles. I know many people who have dark circles, & want a real good way to remove them, because the whole face, its glow, looks dull if one has dark circles. So I thought why not to write a post on this, sharing my knowledge with you all by telling some of the best home remedies to cure dark circles naturally.


Before coming to the cure lets take a look at few things which result in giving us dark circles.

  • Lack of sleep / Insufficient sleep.
  • Heredity.
  • Working Overtime.
  • Mental Stress.
  • Deficiency of nutrients.
  • Allergy.
  • Dehydration.

I have listed above some of the causes of dark circles, but the most common out of these are Lack of Sleep & Heredity. Now a days the life is so busy, schedule is so tight that people hardly get time to sleep. Secondly it’s a very common saying that if your parents have dark circles, you are very much prone to get them, once you reach their age. I think its almost true, many people get dark circles because of heredity.


After getting a brief knowledge about Dark Circles Causes, now lets come to its treatment-How to Cure Dark Circles naturally at home.

I am listing few of the very effective home remedies to remove dark circles. At last, I will be listing the 2 most effective & the best home remedies out of whole lot. These all remedies are tried & tested by me or my friend, then only I am able to come to below conclusion.

Home Remedies for Dark Circles.

ü      Take 2 Cucumber slices, (preferred if refrigerated)  keep them on closed eyes & relax for about 20 minutes.

ü      Take a Potato & cut it into slices. Now take 2 slices in both hands & rub them under each eye for about 5-10 minutes. Doing this regularly for 2 weeks will give you visible results.

ü      Take few drops of any branded pure Rose Water on a cotton ball. Swipe two different balls under each eye. Keep rubbing cotton gently under eyes for about 1-2 minutes. Do this daily before sleeping every night for 3-4 weeks to see visible results.

ü      Don’t throw Tea Bags after making tea, instead place them under your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Doing this regularly for 2-3 weeks will help in curing dark circles.

ü      Dip 2 cotton balls in Orange juice & keep them under each eye for 15 mins.

ü      Last but not the least, drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water everyday, because deficiency of water in body results into many problems, Dark Circles being one.

Best Two

Now let me disclose best two remedies, these are

v     One with rose water, i.e dipping cotton ball in it & rubbing over & under eyes. You can even keep them above closed eyes for 10-15 min. This will not only help in removing dark circles but also in curing dark eyelids. This was actually suggested to me a beautician & I have actually seen visible results with it.

v     Second is rubbing potato slice under eyes for 5-10 minutes.

Along with this here are few tips like, always apply good sunscreen before going out, decrease salt intake & take proper sleep. Following any of the above suggested home remedy regularly along with tips will definitely help you in curing dark circles.

NOTE – Though all these home remedies are all natural, but please take your own precautions, while using them. Discontinue use immediately on any sort of allergy, reaction or irritation.

  1. Hey thank you for these remdies, I m surely going to try rose water one, its so simple and easy to do

  2. Love home remedies, thank you for sharing and I look forward to more of your tips as I'm now a new follower, hope you can stop by my blog for a peek if you have the time.

    1. Your Welcome Michelle & must say you have a very colorful cute blog:-)

  3. Amazing Tips & remedies, Prerna..I am going to try this from today, but I have problem, I am nt so regular

    1. Ya thats the problem with me too...but one needs to be regular to see results

  4. I dont know , how i stumbled upon your blog, but must say its very informative, thank u for such nice post & waiting for your next post

  5. I have very dark eye circles, can you pls tell for how long i need to do potato remedy

    1. Try this for 2 weeks, you will start seeing results, then you can go ahead for 1-2 weeks more till you achieve your desired results.

  6. Hi.Am having severe darkcircles from last 10 years. I never tried anything but today am gonna start trying with both potato and rose water remedy but will that cure my darkcircles completely or will just mimimize it???

  7. Hey first of all i would like to thnk u for such wonderful information. I use home remedy bt problm is, Am nt regular. . . My eye lids are dark n got dark circles the skin under my eyes has become shallow, specialy when i slept straight the skin goes in like pits under my eyes. Am suffering from cold allergy. . Plz sugest me what shall i do, i would be very thankful as my marraige is after 2months plz help me urgent


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