Dove Exfoliating Beauty Body Wash Review

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dove Exfoliating Beauty Body Wash Review

I bought Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash because I love using DOVE products - they are gentle, mild & normally does not irritate even the most sensitive skin. I have also used Dove Face Wash and like it pretty much. Moreover this Dove Body Wash has the word exfoliating, which made me buy this since I have somewhat acne prone skin & normally exfoliation helps in reducing acne. .  Check out the review of below to find out if this gentle body wash helps in reducing acne or not.


It's the exfoliation that makes the skin glow.The Ultra -fine exfoliating beads clear away the old dull skin , while the 1/4th moisturizing milk nurtures the new radiant skin.

The Result: The skin that is soft & smooth , you will want to use it everyday.

Go ahead , its designed to be gentle enough for everyday. Don't use occasionally, in skin care everyday is everything.

PRICE- Rs 125/- for 200ml


The packaging of the Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash is quite good.It comes in a plastic bottle with a flip top making it very hygienic & convenient to use.Take a look below

The smell of this Body Wash is somewhat like that of detergent but I don't have any complaints with it. Its not bad at all & I just go easily with the smell.

This Dove body wash contains micro granules as claimed which actually does help in genuine exfoliation of the skin. Though its not too much, but yes good enough for everyday use.Though it contains granules still the body wash was creamy & did not irritate the skin at all-may be because of milk cream in it. Take a look below at the texture of this body wash.

Regarding cleansing part , it cleans skin nicely lathers little less than other body wash but does it job of cleaning.Also does not leave skin dry , rather nourishes it.Now let me tell you the best part , this Dove Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Body Wash has actually reduce my acne at back. Though I had very few that too in summers normally , but after using this body wash regularly , I hardly see any acne. SO I would definitely recommend this Dove Body Wash to all people specially those with acne skin.


Does not leave skin dry
Really exfoliates the skin.
Reduces light acne

Easily available
Convenient packaging


Some people might not like its smell , because its somewhat like detergent but thats personnel issue, I don't have any problems with the smell.

RATING - 4.5/5

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