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Friday, June 8, 2012



Hello pretty people!how you doin. Here I am with a review of a very light & daily based foundation- REVLON TOUCH & GLOW MOISTURIZING MAKEUP .This revlon foundation is meant for daily use & comes in budget.Cheak review below


Revlon Touch & Glow Moisturising Makeup has a light water based formulation that smoothens and moisturises skin to make you look naturally radiant.
It's a light to medium coverage foundation that hides minor imperfections and evens out complexion for a soft, dewy glow.
The light formula doesn't clog pores and can be used everyday.

PRICE- Rs 140/- for 20ml


REVLON! Good & Quite expensive brand na..I have bought revlon photoready foundation
 (Check REVLON PHOTOREADY FOUNDATION REVIEW HERE) , revlon new complexion liquid foundation ( CHECK REVLON NEW COMPLEXION LIQUID FOUNDATION REVIEW HERE)which are somewhat expensive but this foundation comes at very affordable priceat Rs 140/ a foundation from the brand REVLON at such a low price was definitely a reason to buy this foundation that too with the name TOUGH & GLOW.

Now the packaging of this Revlon Touch & Glow Moisturizing Makeup is not at all tempting. It just like those old days foundation with a cap which creates a mess taking out a foundation.

The foundation comes in 4 shades- IVORY MIST , GOLD MIST , NATURAL MIST , & ROSE MIST & I think i bought the one in the darkest shade- ROSE MIST , accidentally because I wasnt aware of the shades nor the demarkations were proper as per the shade in any of the sites. But since I wanted something in PINK ( I love pink lotions- CHECK REVLON PINK A BOO LOTION REVIEW HERE), so I went ahead & ordered this RVLON MOISTURIZING MAKEUP IN ROSE MIST.

The foundation is really very liquid & just slips away. Take a look below how it slipped in just 1 second after click.

Though the foundation is too dark for my fair skin but I somehow found a trick to use it , which not only makes it look good on my face , but also gives me stylish look;-)Want to know that makeup tip?Pls read below:-)

Now I use the foundation in 2 ways – one like a normal foundation mixing it with a light shade foundation & applying it all over the face , which gives me a nice moisturizing makeup look.See how it looks.

But the best way I use it is by applying on top of my regular foundation focusing on the cheeks area. I apply the foundation down to up on the cheeks in a diagnal way which gives me fab look by making my cheeks look pink &giving them a different color than rest of the face & this looks really awesom.e Try it & you will love it.

Overall I think this is a good moisturizing makeup meant for daily use with just light coverage.


Very cheap
From a nice brand- REVLON
Easily available offline & online
Can be used to highlight specific areas like cheeks
Good for daily use
Makes skin look moisturized


Will not cover scars
Difficult to choose the shade
Inconvenient packaging
No SPF sun protection
Does not stays for long


  1. Your blog is good source of learning about beauty tips. I am really appreciate your work. Carry on same way....!!!

    Swaran Jit

  2. I love your layout! So girly! :)

    Just followed. Can you check out my blog, please?

  3. @SWARAN...thank u s much...i will to keep my readers happy always:-)

  4. @Amyfley...thanx dear....& yes i checked your blog...its really colorfull..liked it so followed it:-)

  5. Foundation's usually a problem for me cause I'm so pale, lol. Great review!

  6. @Raechal....u really have beautiful pics....keep it up dear...& yes following u:-)

  7. @PAM....thanx dear..& you can always look for some lightest shades like REVLON have too many shades too choose from , then makeup forever has a wide range & yes u can also try Jordana Foundation in the lighest shade its really pale , though it oxidizes later ...


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