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Tuesday, June 5, 2012



This is the 2nd soap of BIOTIQUE which I am going to review after BIOTIQUE Almond Oil Soap. 

Here starts my review of BIOTIQUE ORANGE PEEL SOAP


This revitalizing soap is blended with pure orange oil and orange zest, musk root, walnut, margosa, turmeric and soap nut, to wash away body impurities, without disturbing the skin’s natural pH balance. Gentle “peeling” action helps speed up cell renewal.

Benefits: The enzymes contained in the Orange peel remove dead epithelial cells and deep cleanse the skin. The rubbing action helps speed up natural cell renewal leaving the skin fresher and younger looking.

PRICE – Rs 30/- for 50g.


I purchased this BIOTIQUE orange peel body cleanser in the smallest size like that of almond soap. This orange peel soap appears to be more cute than almond oil soap because of its pretty orange color.Take a look at the picture of biotique orange peel soap below.

The fragrance of this soap is just like any other soap. I dont know if its of orange or something else because it appeared to me similar to other plenty soaps avaialable in the market. Not too good , not bad just good.I must say this tiny orange soap does look cute. Take a look below.

On touching , the soap feels little harsh because of its exfoliating particles. This is a thing which people with sensitive skin or even dry skin might not like it. Because the soap definitely feels little harsh & rough on skin & this could be a complete no reason to buy this soap for people with sensitive , dry or too acne prone akin.

The good about the soap is that it makes face appears really fresh instantly on application. But this will be case only with those with normal or free to go skin type beauties & a complete no no for those with sensitive skin.

Overall , this is a kinda soap , which will suit people with normal problem free skin.


Makes face look fresh instantly
Lightens skin complexion on regular use
Good for exfoliation for people with normal skin but need to be used very gently.
Easily availbale online


Harsh for those with sensitive skin.
Might not suit people with dry & acne skin.
Difficult to find offline.
Dries out skin to some extent.
Cannot be used in winters.


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