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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

TIPS AND TOES Foundation Review

TIPS AND TOES. Quite a new brand in the market. At least I have seen its products just few days ago. But I was really delighted to see that the products were really at affordable price. Also the Tips and Toes site is designed nicely & is too user friendly.

What it claims?

Oil Free
Water Resistant
Sun Protection
Sweat Proof

Price -  Rs 130/- for 30ml

Check out here,

Now the foundation part

I ordered this Tips & Toes Foundation from, (check Medplus Beauty Online Shopping Review) in the lightest shade - IVORY-01. When I checked on medplus beauty site it was shown in white color. That time I was bit confused & thought how could any foundation be in white color. But then i thought may be its shade is not marked properly in the shopping site, because last time I ordered tips and toes kajal from this site & I got shingar kajal so I thought its again some fault in marking, anyways I went ahead & ordered.

This what i got

Yes a got an absolute white shade foundation, which really shocked me at first look because I havent use white foundations till now & I don't even know whats their use is.

Anyways I went ahead to use it. The foundation is more on the liquid side & is bit runny. Check below

When I applied this Tips & Toes Foundation on my hand & face it left a white cast on the skin & also made me skin little powdery & dry which I didnt really like. The foundation also have quite strong fragrance. Its not bad but too strong & I dont like foundations with fragrance as its harmful to use products loaded with fragrance on our skin, atleast I try avoiding such foundations and makeup products.

To add to my disppointment , it did not cover any scars or even lighten it. All in all it did almost nothing to make my skin look good.

The only purpose I use it for is to mix with my other foundation which are a bit darker in shade. Like I have Revlon Photoready Foundation, in a bit dark shade so I mix it with it & its goes really well with it. May be its meant for this only.

Overall this didnt worked for me on foundation part at all.


Can be mixed with other foundation to make it lighter ( like i used it with my Revlon Photoready foundation)
Very cheap
Can be used as moiturizer with spf for oily skin people


Do nothing as a foundation
Does not lighten or hide scars
Leaves white cast on skin
Drying effect
Too strong fragrance

RATING- 1.5/5 

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