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Saturday, May 26, 2012


Nyx Studio Perfect Photo Loving Primer Review - Lavender 

NYX Studio Perfect Primer have been used and raved by many, so how could I miss this wonderful product at my blog. PRIMERS have become a kind of necessity these days . Yes we all know how much importance a primer play in our makeup kit now. Specially if one is looking for  a smooth, flawless & long lasting make up. So after trying the ELF Mineral Infused Primer, I had to try this photoloving primer from NYX. Check out the review below to find out what all I liked about this NYX Studio Perfect Primer

What Nyx Studio Perfect Primer Claims?

Prepare your canvas with our silky primer. The Studio Perfect Primer formula is easily absorbed, creates a smooth surface for foundation, and ensures the longevity of your makeup. Available in 3 shades: Clear (to cover fine lines and large pores); Lavender (to brighten and illuminate yellow undertones); and Green (to conceal redness).

INGREDIENTS : Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Dimethicone, Silica, Phenoxyethanol. 


Nyx Studio Perfect Primer Review
Nyx Studio Perfect Primer Review
Price - I got it from beautyjoint.com @ $10.75 + $14-total shipping.
In India its available for Rs 2000/- or 2100/-

NYX Photo Loving Primer Variants:

NYX Studio Perfect Primer comes in 3 variants- Clear, Green & Lavender. Check the 3 different uses below & what they claim.
The main purpose of NYX Studio Perfect Primer is to prepare your skin for application of foundation and face powder. It evens out skin discoloration bringing out that blemish-free, flawless and satiny look. A silky and light-weight formula that spreads easily and helps makeup stay intact for longer time.
Shade - Clear SPP01 works towards covering fine lines and hiding large pores.
Shade - Green SPP02 aims at eliminating skin redness.
Shade - Lavender SPP03 brightens and illuminates yellow undertones.

How to Use?
Dollop out a pea-sized amount and apply on face and neck in upward circular motions to bring out smooth and bright complexion.

Nyx Studio Perfect Photo Loving Primer Review
Nyx Studio Perfect Primer Review


Well firstly I did expected this to be a superb product as I know many people who just love it & so was I expecting. So did I love it or hate it, check below to find. The packaging of this Nyx Primer is really good & simple in a tube form, which makes it travel friendly & hygienic too. The primer is absolute purple in shade & it’s kind of thick texture not liquid at all. Now when I took this primer in hand I doubted how would it blend on my skin because it was looking as if the primer is in its evaporated form, you mean what I say. But then I applied it to my face & did not see lot of difference.

Nyx Photo Loving Primer Review
Nyx Photo Loving Primer Review

Nyx Photo Loving Primer Review
Nyx Photo Loving Primer Review

I actually used this Nyx Photo Loving Primer for my open pores, though I know clear one is for that purpose, but still one of my friends suggested this in Lavender for open pores. It did made my pores appear smaller but very little difference was there. But surprisingly it managed to do a good job in making my foundation glide easily on my face. My foundation disappeared on to skin quite easily & nicely. My makeup stayed fresh for 4 to 5 hours nicely but I would not say it remained fresh beyond that. All in all I was happy after that.

Overall I would say its not a superb product but a nice product to make your foundation go on smoothly, make your make up last long, specially when primers are not easily available in India., this Nyx Studio Perfect Primer in definitely a good choice. But on the other hand its price is more in India.

Makes foundation blend smoothly
Keeps make up fresh for long
Travel friendly packaging
Skin feels soft to touch on application
Easily available online

Does not reduce redness or dullness ( atleast in my case)
Minimizes pores very slightly
Expensive if bought in India

Rating – 3/5

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