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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Today I am going to review a conditioner, I was dying to get, but wasn’t getting. Its HERBAL ESSENCES COLOR ME SHINY CONDITIONER. Now this is a product which has already come into my good list. So here starts the review

PRICE - Rs 90/- for 160ml.


This conditioner with deep moisturisers and shine enhancers will protect your colour treated hair to help prevent dryness and dullness. The blend of Moroccan rose and passion fruit nectar, balances your hair's moisture to help keep it healthy-looking, shiny and full of vitality to help continue your colour happiness


I bought this HERBAL ESSENCE CONDITIONER as soon as I saw this brand in Hypercity maul. One of the reason was that I have been hearing lot of good things about this brand for long time but never found this in India but as soon as I saw it, I grabbed a bottle of it immediately.

Though I was very confused from a huge range of conditioners from this herbal essence brand on the shelf but since my hair lacked shine, I went for this, COLOR ME SHINY CONDITIONER.The bottle is quite pretty in pink shade with green flip top.

The best part of the conditioner is its fragrance. My god the fragrance of this Herbal Essences Conditioner is superb. I mean I just go mad as soon as I pour the conditioner on my palm. I feel its kind of a fruity smell, but whatever it is, its one of the bestest fragrance in conditioners which gives me a royal & superior feeling on smelling.

Though the fragrance don’t remain on hair for more than 2 to 3 hrs. Sometimes I don’t even rinse my hair after applying this conditioner just because I want its fragrance to remain on my hair for a little longer time, though I don’t think it’s really safe to leave it on like this, but I do this sometimes, because I just love the fragrance so much.

Now let me come to the main part, its job in providing shine to my hair. So does this makes my hair shiny? Yes it does. The very first day when I applied this on my hair after shampoo, I got a compliment from my Mom saying what have you applied on you hair which is making them look so shiny..Aha! I was so amazed to hear this. Thus I can say, this Color Me Shiny Conditioner does its job of giving shine nicely, though the shine does not remain for too long but would definitely be on your hair for the initial few hours or little more.

Overall I would say this Herbal Essences Color Me Shiny Conditioner is a very good product, one of the best conditioners I have used & the fragrance is its best part which makes me to use this conditioner more & more.


Lovely amazing fragrance.
Provides shine to hair as claimed.
Very economical.
Comes from a reliable brand Herbal Essences.


Not easily available in India

Might make hair look greasy if used more

RATING - 4/5