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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


VLCC Natural Sciences Daily Protect Anti Pollution Lotion SPF15

Hello my dear friends,
Today I am going to review a product VLCC Daily Protect Lotion SPF 15,which I did not bought nor I was gifted, rather I got it as a free sample with some of my other products, I was so happy, because we always like free samples & moreover it was from a good brand VLCC

What it Claims?

Enriched with Green Tea, a powerful anti-oxidant which protects skin from damaging effects of pollution & environmental stress and Orange Peel Oil which soothes skin and moisturizes naturally.

This lotion fights and defends your skin from pollution all through the day. Complete with SPF 15, it also protects your skin from sun damage. It forms a coat on exposed skin, protecting it against harmful effects of pollution and is best suited for women with an active lifestyle.

 I was actually happy after reading the ingredient list full of orange peel oil, green tea- things which are frequently suggested for having beautiful skin

Directions of use - Apply on your face and neck. Wait for a minute before using make-up. 

My Take on this Daily Protect Anti Pollution Lotion.

Firstly the cover was really colorful & attractive from outside, not only from outside but inside also it has a small nozzle to take out the lotion. This nozzle was actually quite helpful as before opening the cover I was thinking how will I store the remaining lotion after 1st use but after opening the cover this tension disappeared.

On application the cream is really smooth. It gave me a nice glossy look on my face which really made my cheeks glow. My skin appeared more soft & smooth. I applied the lotion around 11 am but when I saw my face in the evening at around 5 pm I could feel my face still has nice glowy look & softness. 

Overall I can say this anti pollution lotion is a very good product for daily use & protect you from environmental hazards. Also  makes your skin a bit smoother & softer along with providing with spf 15 for sun protection. I was out of house for around 3 to 4 hrs so can easily say that quite nicely it protects you from sun. The lotion has almost negligible fragrance, at least I could not make it out so it would be a good product for people with sensitive skin. Orange & Green Tea are the added benefits which suits almost all kind of skin specially acne skin


Has green tea- a powerful antioxidant
Orange-one of the major fruit applied for glowing skin
Negligible fragrance
Convenient packaging
Has spf 15
Brand Vlcc easily available.
I don’t find any con since the product has suited me well & has come true to its claim of protecting from pollution I could feel my skin fresh even in the evening on returning from outside

Overall Rating- 4/5

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