Fab Bag May 2015 Review


Fab Bag May 2015 

I know you all have been waiting for May Fab Bag since long but somehow this time it was too late because of some change in the schedule and after waiting for so many days, I finally received it yesterday. I have already reviewed so many fab bags including the last month Fab Bag April 2015. Without making you wait anymore, let me give the first look of the May fab bag and it's products.

Fab Bag May 2015 Review
Fab Bag May 2015

Fab Bag May 2015 Products

Fab Bag May Review
Fab Bag May Products List


Be a Bombshell Eyeshadow - Rs 1200/-
Vana Vidhi Oriental Rice Paddy Luxurious Face &  Body Scrub - Rs 1599/- for 70 gm.
Sand for Soapaholics Totally Peanuts - Rs 530/- for 50 gm.
Fab Bag Bonus Scarf - Rs 500/-

Fab Bag May 2015 Review

This month's fab bag have been quite late, in fact little more late since I received it yesterday almost near to month end but anyways is always better to receive something late than never to receive specially if it's a case of fab makeup and beauty products, then it's never too late. Let's take a look at the fab products of this fab bag May 2015.

Fab Bag May 2015 Review
Fab Bag May 2015 Products

Firstly I'm little shocked to see 4 products instead of regular 5. May be there is some change in the pattern as well along with the schedule. The product which I like the most out of this is the Bombshell Eyeshadow Quad because of its pretty shade which can give a great smokey eye look. I tried smokey eye makeup using Soul Tree Kajal but unfortunately it's packaging broke in just a single usage that I could not use it more. But lucky enough I got this time in palette form. Let me give you a brief about all the products and contents of this fab bag.

Sand Totally Peanuts Cleanser

Sand Totally Peanuts Cleanser
Sand Peanuts Cleanser

I was very glad on seeing this peanut cleanser because I have never used one before but always wanted to use it because of being rich in nutrients specially protein but somehow I could not found a great protein cleanser in India but now I finally got one from Sand for Soapaholics. The packaging of this is quite ok,  not much travel friendly but great for after use. I would review this in detail once I start using it.

Bombshell Eyeshadow Quad:

Be a Bomshell Eyeshadow Quad
Be a Bombshell Eyeshadow Quad

This is the second best product in this month's bag, as mentioned before contains beautiful smokey shades for a perfect smokey look along with a mauve shade for a bright sensuous makeup look for parties. Stay tuned to read about the detailed review of this along with the swatches.

Vana Vidhi Oriental Rice Paddy Luxurious Face & Body Scrub

Vana Vidhi face & Body Scrub
Vana Vidhi Face & Body Scrub

Vana Vidhi Oriental Rice Paddy Luxurious Face & Body Scrub is a cleanser cum scrub for both face and body. It's extremely light weight that you might feel there is very little or no product in the jar on holding. The packaging of this too is great, a little messy but great for after use.  I normally like such packaging because you can always use these jars for your own homemade DIY beauty products for after use unlike the tube type packaging which are seal packed.

Fab Bag Scarf

Fab Bag Special Scarf
Fab Bag Scarf

Finally I got this scarf from in a beautiful colored print. It's perfect to add a tad bit of style to your fashion statement in daily life. The scarf is very delicate and needs to handle with care.

This was all about this May Fab Bag and it's products. I hope you liked this review and if you like these products and other products sent by the fab bag team in the previous months, be sure to subscribe to their bag to get your own fab makeup beauty goodies bag every month. I hope to see the next month's June 2015 fab bag in the early days of June for an early review of it for a better experience of the readers.


  1. Seems this time the products are good in the fab bag, sand forSoapaholics and vana vidhi sounds like interesting products to try

  2. That's a beautiful scarf! This times fabbag products was pretty interesting..i am planning to give some of these a try real soon...Lovely review Babe :)


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