DANNI Professional Makeup Kit Review


Danni Professional Makeup Eyeshadow, Blush on, Eyebrow Powder, Lip Gloss Swatches & Review.

About an year ago, I ordered a DANNI Professional Makeup Kit from Buyincoins.com. I had no intention of ordering it initially but while searching for some makeup brushes, I saw this Danni Makeup Kit and was quite impressed by its kit image, that too for an extremely reasonable price. I don't remember the price now since its been a year but it was extremely cheap for a makeup kit what you normally get. Moreover it had beautiful collection of eye shadows, blushes and lip gloss  all in one in a single kit, so I didn't think even twice before placing the order. And yes Buyincoins offered free international delivery, so no shipping charge. I felt I could not get better offer than this. Makeup kits are so expensive in India and so I was very happy after ordering this DANNI MAKEUP KIT at a very reasonable price. I got the makeup kit delivered along with my other products from Buyincoins in about 20 days time, which was quite satisfactory considering international delivery. I received the product well packed but the condition of this Danni Professional Makeup Kit was not so good. Few of glitter eye shadows have scattered all over the makeup box. I was quite disappointed seeing this, but more happy seeing beautiful other shimmery eye shadows. After that I used this makeup kit only for special functions since it had that shimmery makeup look products meant for functions and parties. Since then, this Danni Professional Makeup Kit has been in my drawer and I have used it very rarely and its contidion is also not good after about an year. Though its not very stable makeup kit, reason for scattering eye shadows, but I too have been somewhat responsible for this look, since I have been handling it quite carelessly. Take a look at this Danni Professional Makeup Kit with me for more than a year.

Danni Professional Makeup Review
Danni Professional Makeup Kit Review

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Danni Professional Makeup Review
Danni Professional Makeup Kit Review

Danni Professional Makeup Kit Contains:

Glitter Eye Shadows - 21 beautiful shimmery shades in three different rows. 
Lip Gloss - 4 Lip Glosses with different shades of pink from light to dark.
Blush On - Three Blushes, with beautiful shades - Pink, Peach and Cream.
Eyebrow Powder Shades - Light brown and dark brown closer to black.

Danni Professional Makeup Kit Review

When I first saw this Danni makeup kit at Buyincoins, I felt this is a lovely makeup kit with almost everything from shimmery eyeshadow palette, amazing lip gloss shades, beautiful blushes and very unique eyebrow powder, which I used for the very first time in this kit. It also had 2 small makeup brushes, which I lost few months ago. all in all this Danni Makeup Kit was all in one makeup box and that too very travel friendly because of its compact size. However when I received the kit, I was little disappointed because of its loose scattered eyeshadows and since then, more  of these eyeshadows have slipped out in powder form, thus making the over kit a little messy.

Danni Professional Makeup Kit Review
Danni Professional Makeup Review

The best thing I liked about this DANNI makeup box was its amazing collection of eyeshadow shades in glitter. Here is the swatch of its eyeshadow.

Danni Professional Makeup Eyeshadow Swatches
Danni Professional Makeup Eyeshadow Swatches

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Now let me show how these lovely appearing blushes actually work. Here are the swatches of the blushes in pink, peach and cream shade. My favorite is pink and peach. I rarely use the cream one. sometime I even use these blush on as an eyeshadow or an eyebrow highlighter. The two eyebrow powder works great in enhancing and highlighting your eyebrow look in a complete natural way.
Now finally the lovey looking glossy lip glosses. All four lip gloss are in radiant pink shades, one being my favorite in somewhat gajari shade. I don;t use any lipsticks and use these lip glosses all by their own since these are so pigmented and gives beautiful glossy look to your lips. Take a look at the lip gloss swatch below.

Danni Makeup Lip Gloss Swatches
Danni Professional Makeup Lip Gloss Swatches

Danni Professional Makeup Lip Gloss Swatches
Danni Professional Makeup Lip Gloss Swatches

You can see how beautiful all these shades are. Whether its light dark, all the shades of lip gloss, eye shadows look so lovely and radiant. The light eyeshadow shades do require a little effort to  apply. I could not even do justice to some of the lightest shades while clicking the picture, so just didn't used them here, but they look beautiful on eyes for light and daily schedules. The only one and the biggest drawback of this is the quality. Its not at all stable and any shade comes off easily of its section and gets scattered all over. Otherwise this can be your all one in travel friendly makeup kit.

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Danni Professional Makeup Kit Pros.

Beautiful lovely shades.
Eyeshadow shades in shimmer and glitter, perfect for parties.
Covers many light and dark eyeshadow shades.
Very reasonably priced.
Free international shipping from Buyincoins.com

Danni Professional Makeup Kit Cons.

Quality not so good.
Shades get easily scattered all over.
Difficult to get in India.

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