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Almost every girl including me loves to have long beautiful hair. We keep trying different shampoos, conditioners and several other products to get long hair, but unfortunately most of the products fail in giving us results rather tend to give side effects if loaded with chemicals. But few years ago, I came across a product, which is all natural, free of chemicals and actually gives your hair a nice growth. I am talking about the wonderful Castor Oil.

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I always had blunt cut hair till I was in school, because my hair were never good, they were little rough and difficult to manage but most importantly had no growth at all. Being in school, I didnt even took care of them. But in college I got to know about this castor oil from one of my friends who had long beautiful knee length hair. When I asked the secret, she told she applies castor oil since her childhood. From that day I started applying it too. In the beginning I didnt like it all because castor oil is extremely thick and greasy and it a total mess to apply it. But somehow I continued it sometimes less sometimes more. And finally in about 3 months time, I saw unusual increase in my hair length. I could easily judge its only because of castor oil since I dont have good quality of hair and they dont grow so easily. This actually motivated me to apply castor oil regularly and now I always keep a bottle of this at my home but I dont apply all alone since I still hate its heavyness and very sticky feeling. I actually mix it with any other oil available and apply. It could be any other oil- Almond, Coconut etc. I dont know whether it controls hair fall or not but regarding hair growth, I have actually felt the results.

If you too want to grow your hair just try this natural oil atleast for 2 to 3 months on regular basis. I normally use to apply oil once in 3-4 days, you can apply as per your convenience but it should be atleast once a week, twice if possible. If you can manage applying castor oil all alone, its extremely good, if not, you can mix it some other oil like I did.

So go and give yourself this natural oil hair growth treatment, I am pretty sure you wont regret.



    1. Using oil alone would be too thick. You can mix it with Olive oil or coconut oil or any light oil of your choice

  2. Hey, nice article!! So do you leave the oil in your hair for a couple of days and then wash it or do you wash it after couple of hours?

  3. So do you leave the oil in your hair for couple of days before washing or just few hours?

    1. No this oil is so thick that I avoid keeping it for long on my hair. Most of the time, I apply overnight and wash early morning and thats the best way and sometime I apply few hours before shampoo

  4. Hi, do you apply it only on your scalp? or scalp and all over hair??


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