Friday, October 4, 2013

LOTUS Whiteglow Skin Whitening & Brightening Gel Cream Review

Very Good Morning to all of you. I have purchased a lot many products in recent days and just waiting to review them since I am using them for lot of time and here comes the review of a wonderful cream, LOTUS Whiteglow Whitening and Brightening cream.

What it Claims?

Price –  Rs 325/- for 60g


I have used Lotus products very rarely but this time most of its products have suited me very well, thus making a me loyal buyer of itself. Since I have a sensitive skin, I normally don’t use whitening and fairness creams since they are loaded with chemicals but this time I felt my complexion has really gone down too much, so used this Lotus Whitening Brightening cream.

This beautiful Lotus gel cream comes in a very beautiful packaging in a white jar, thus giving a very descent and superior appearance making it very attractive.

On application, the cream is very smooth. It glides smoothly on face giving a nice dewy effect which I like very much. But yes it’s not really too convenient to use, since it comes in a jar and not in a tube form, but its ok. Regarding effectiveness, I can definitely say, this cream is really effective in making your face radiant. It does not work on making your skin tone shade too much lighter, just about a shade or so. ( that’s what I felt in about a month usage), but yes  it does improve skin texture, making it more radiant, removes any dark  patches and overall do make skin appear fair and smooth.

Overall I am very happy with this Lotus Whiteglow whitening and brightening gel cream, since it had worked on my sensitive skin, without harming it.


Really makes skin look fair and radiant.
Glides smoothly on skin.
Gives a nice dewy effect.
Comes in a very attractive packaging
Has SPF 25.


Comes in a jar.
Little expensive.

Rating – 4/5

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  1. It was today only that I was looking at the adverts and considering buying this. Came in good time. Shall pick up one. :)