Normally I look for face illuminators to make my face look glowy. After using Revlon Bare It All Lustrous Lotion, I found this Streetwear Crystal Shine Face Brightener lotion & immediately bought, since it was really cheap at Rs 390/-


Street Wear Crystal Shine Face Brightener Lotion is an oil-free face brightener that instantly boosts skin's radiance with its light reflecting crystals.
Enriched with SPF 15.
Gives medium coverage and imparts a sheen to the skin.
Doesn't make your skin feel dry, doesn't make your face oily! Its just perfect and makes your skin feel really comfortable!
The pump cap helps in regulating product usage.
Comes in a number of shades that help match any Indian Skin Tone.

PRICE - Rs 390/- for 22ml.


I was really happy with the results of Revlon Bare It All Lustrous Lotion in Pink a Boo
 ( Check Review Here ) , so I thought of buying another face illuminator before it ends up & I ended up buying this Streetwear Face Brightener. The Packaging of this Streetwear face lotion is just average, comes with a pump which is actually very hygienic to use , but sometimes I find it difficult to press, moreover the cap got a crack in a middle just after few uses. All in all, the tube is not of good quality.

Now the lotion appears to be similar to foundation with some shimmers in it. Take a look at the Streetwear Crystal Shine Face Brightner swatch below.

There is a considerable difference b/w Streetwear face brightener & Revlon Bare It All lotion. This Streetwear Lotion is almost like foundation & can be applied alone, but Revlon Pink a Boo is a complete shimmer lotion & should be applied after mixing with foundation. Take a look below at the swatch of both below.

I use to apply Revlon Lustrous Lotion on mixing with my foundation & my face use to look amazing with glow, but I applied this lotion alone & did not feel any glow but yes shine on my face.

Overall , this is just an average product, not an alternative to Revlon Lustrous lotion , but if you are looking for a budget product, you can go for this. This a a good product in this much money. People with acne , scars , pores should not use these brightners directly , as it might exaggerate their flaws.


Comes in travel friendly tube with a pump.
Adds shine to face.
Comes with SPF 15
Nice Fragrance


Only for medium coverage as claimed
Tube , not of good quality.
Does not makes face look glowy.
Difficult to find.



  1. Nice review Prerna.. i think i should also try it. It seems a nice product.:)

    1. Thanx Niesha , do try & let me know how you find it

  2. Beautifully compared with swatches, nice review Prerna


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