Wednesday, August 8, 2012

NIVEA-Whitening Roll on Deodorant Fairer Underarms review


I was looking for a whitening deodorant for a long time , to get rid of my slightly dark underarms & came across this NIVEA WHITENING FAIRER UNDERARMS DEODRANT FOR WOMEN- Roll on , so instantly bought this on seeing its claims. Read the review below to know if its one of the best deodorant for fairer underarms.


Years of waxing, shaving and using hair removal creams harm a woman’s underarm skin, making it look dark and patchy. Nivea has introduced a new whitening roll-on deodorant that cares for your underarms and makes it fairer.
It contains unique licorice extracts and witch hazel that repairs damaged skin deep within to reveal a visibly fairer underarm along with a feminine long lasting fragrance.

PRICE - Rs 156/- for 50ml


Before buying this NIvea Whitening Deodorant for fairer underarms , I also heard the name of Dove Whitening Deodorant and I was confused which one to buy , but since I saw Nivea deo first , I picked it up without giving a second thought.

This Nivea Deodorant comes in a roll on form, though its also available in spray form , but I preferred this Roll on . since they are more lasting.The bottle is just like other roll ons , but it manages to look pretty being transparent.

The smell of the deodorant is pretty nice. I just love the smell &  could somehow relate it to original Nivea cream smell , which too I liked.

Now coming to its effect. Regarding how long lasting the deodarant is , I must say this Nivea roll on beats most of the other deodorant in this aspect. It does stays for long  atleast for 8-10 hrs easily , sometimes even more than that , but yes the claims of 48 hrs is just not the case.Regarding its whitening effect, well I am not really satisfied in this aspect , because I already have very lightly dark underarms & even on using this Fairer underarms roll on for about 3-4 months , I could see very negligible difference.

Overall , I would say this Nivea roll on is good for people who want longer protection , but this might not work completely as a whitening deodorant for people with very dark underarms.


GIver long protection from odour.
Nice smell
Cute transparent bottle.
Reasonably priced , single bottle will go for long.


Whitens underarms negligibly
Sometimes leaves white cast.

RATING - 3/5 ( because of it name whitening deodrant & did not satisfy me in whitening aspect , otherwise Its one of the best deodarant for longer protection from odour.)


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