Today I am doing EVERYUTH SCRUB REVIEW. The name is Everyuth Naturals Ultra Mild Scrub.I just saw the Word Ultra Mild on it & grabbed this Everyuth Scrub right away beacuse I am a person with too senstive skin & I look for mild products. Check out the review below


Sensitive skin is prone to blackheads and pimples caused due to exposure to pollution, dust and the sun. EverYuth Ultra Mild Scrub has a gentle exfoliating formula that clears away the impurities accumulated on the skin, without leaving it dry. Being mild, it can be used daily for a clean, radiant skin.

PRICE- Rs 55/- for 50g.


EVERYUTH ULTA MILD SCRUB- The name ullta mild tempted me to buy this , because as said before I look for mild products since I have sensitive skin.Moreover this was from the brand EVERYUTH , which I quite like.

The packaging is simple & good. This Everyuth Scrub comes in a tube form with flip cap, which makes it hygienic to use.Take a look below

The scrub does not look like a scrub. Its so mild that it appears to be almost like any cream.

Now coming to its effectiveness in removing blackheads.It does not does its job well of clearing blackheads & whiteheads , rather I feel its too greasy on my skin because of its creamy texture.

Overall I dont recommend this scrub since it does not really help in removing blackheads , specially for oily & acne prone skin this would not work. The only good part is its ultra mild texture to suit sensitive skin


Quite cheap
Truly Ultra Mild
Easily Available.


Does not remove blackheads.
Too greasy
Not suitable for oily skin.
Does not fullfill the job of a scrub.


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