I added an another kajal to my bag yesterday, .the Colorbar kajal in jet black color. I was attracted to buy this because of its durable & convenient pencil shape at affordable price of only Rs 150/-


Colorbar Kajal is smooth to apply and gives the eyes a dramatic jet black colour. 

PRICE- Rs 150/-


The kajal pencil looks really sturdy. Take a look

The shape of the kajal pencil appears to be like of NYX JUMBO PENCIL & LA COLORS JUMBO PENCIL

On Application the kajal gives a jet black color just in 1 swipe. Here is the swatch of it in one and two swipes.

In the above picture, I have swiped the pencil both once and twice. But the both images appear to be of jet black color

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Now regarding the fact that is the kajal Smudge free or not., well on application the kajal is pretty easy to use. Is the most easiest & convenient kajal I have ever used. Its glides so easily inside & outside without smudging at all. But yes the kajal does smudge quite a lot after some while. This was the only point where is failed to satisfy me. But I must add here I have too oily and watery eyes. so i think it would not smudge that much on eyes which are not too watery. I tried applying powder before application of kajal which made it smudge little less.

Overall I am happy with this kajal, which is convenient & safe to use. Comes at an affordable price of Rs 150/-


Gives JET BLACK Color
Comes from a reliable brand COLORBAR
Easily avaialble online
Does not sting at at all- i have very sensitive eyes
Concenient & durable
Comes with almond oil to soothe & nourish the eyes

Smudges a liitle more- but this problem can be solved by using powder prior to applying kajal.


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